New story ideas

Bleh, I’m so busy, and curse my over-active imagination sometimes!

Basically almost all my stories are on Hiatus except Untouchable, because I’m so bored with AH stories. I need something exciting. Hence why Untouchable is not on hiatus, because that is not an AH story.

I do have two AH one-shots coming up, but they’re interesting. One is the dark one-shot I mentioned in my earlier post with Killerward. The other one is this OCDward one-shot I’ve got coming up, a little Sweetward mixed in to counteract all the Darkward I’m working with in I’ll Kill You Tomorrow, My Queen. But I also hope to adequately display and make you feel the frustration and outcastness that sufferers of OCD deal with.

I also have a new story up in the works that is an Avatar/Twilight crossover story. I’m so excited about this one! It won’t follow the show exactly, but it inspired by it – The Fire Nation took over and now the Avatar must restore balance. Our favorite Twilight crew will share some characteristics of the Avatar characters (for example, the Twi-crew member playing the fire-bender with have a nasty little burn wound accompanied by a dark past, like our beloved Zuko) but they will definitely have their own quirks, as will my Avatar world, so no carbon copies here. Only inspiration. Keep an eye out and send me some love! Sound like a good idea? Bad idea? Excited? Non?

I’m excited.


New one-shot idea

Untouchable update might be delayed. This one-shot won’t be silenced. I’ve got in my head, I’ve got it outlined; it’s just a matter of getting it all down. And it’s really long, so it might take a couple days, since my free time is zilch. I should probably work on some AP US History before beginning.

Anyway, it’s about a serial killer Edward. Human. Inspired by Darkward contest, but since either I or the story doesn’t meet many of their qualifications, it won’t go in. And actually, it’s not really inspired by the darkward contest. It was inspired by American Psycho, and then I remembered the darkward contest was going on and I was like , Perfect! But then I remembered I wasn’t 18, and it has to be a vampward, and blahblahblah.

But seriously, isn’t a human murderer darker than a vampire? Because a vampire is kind of a reasonable justification for killing. And that in itself isn’t so dark if it’s a part of your nature. Birds got to swim, fish got to eat, vampires have to be evil.

But humans? We don’t give them excuses, reasoning, or justifications. So it’s much darker. Much more twisted.

Anyway, it’s going to be called I’ll Kill You Tomorrow, My Queen. Keep an eye out.

Collisions Teaser

Collisions of Worlds Teaser –

“Uh yeah mom, I know you just woke up and all, but I just slept with the man of my dreams, you know, the one I’m in love with? Romantic book-store dude? Well, great news, he loves me too! But he’s kind of at work and I’m in his pent house, and I’m not sure if I should stay or not…Help me out? Oh, and, by the way, I’ve neglected to mention for quite some time now that he’s probably one of the most famous actors in the world currently. Because, you know, details details!”

Teaser For Upcoming One-Shot

It’s very rough at the moment, I just got the inspiration today, but I was inspired by a certain movie I will reveal later (and it’s seriously amazing, though I was inspired by a character, not the plot but that’s awesome too) and basically, here is a tiny clip of it.



Delinquents: never do their work.

Delinquents: talk back to teachers.

Delinquents: vandalize school property.

Delinquents: get detention.

Delinquents: cuss a lot and don’t care who hears.

Delinquents: wear leather jackets.

Delinquents: do drugs.

Delinquents: sleep around and mess with girls.

Delinquents: don’t care about anything.

Delinquents: are going no where in life.

I do about half of that, but it’s easier to just say that’s me and let people walk away. Over and out. No fucking around. I’m at the bottom and they’re at the top, and let’s just not shame ourselves with association. Because above all things –

Delinquents: are T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Or, as a delinquent would say: are T-R-U-B-L.

New Story

Salut chacun!

I’m working on my French, so I’m going to randomly instert that every once in a while. (With translation too.)

Je suis travaille sur le suivant chapitre de “How To Hear” et postera un taquin ou le chapitre bientôt!

(I am working on the next chapter of How To Hear and will post a teaser or the chapter soon)

In the meantime, I have started a new story; it’s quite important to me. It’s a story about depression and coming back to yourself; all other plot related things were based around that.

Summary: Bella Swan is a silent, jumpy girl. Edward Cullen is the guy who falls in love with her. He’s got his work cut out for him and he doesn’t know why…even when he figures it out it’s not going to help any. Besides, it’s not like he has his own problems…EPOV. AH/AU.

Link: Keyless

Note – All the song quotes at the top are from the songs that inspired the chapters, so I always strongly recommend listening while reading!

If you could review I’d appreciate it.



Okay guys, just in case you haven’t noticed it yet, I updated How To Hear the other day, so please go read and review! I always appreciate them dearly XD

Also I just uploaded a one-shot to my Fiction Press. I had to edit the summary a bit because it wasn’t G-rated, but this is a short story I wrote some time ago and would really like to share and get feed back on. It’s called A Bad Word and here’s the summary:

My mommy calls me a “bitch” a lot. I don’t really know what it means, but apparently it’s a bad word, and I am one. A bad word.

Link: A Bad Word

Fiction Press

Hey all! I recently acquired a Fiction Press account.

For those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically the opposite of fan fiction, made by the same people who made FanFiction.Net – you post original stories over there.

And since I’ve got plenty of ideas, the ideas that are just too radical to put the Twilight or any other pre-existing characters through, I’m going to post over there. Because really – some people just use Edward and Bella and all the other characters as holders for their own characters, and it’s pretty obvious. I do that sometimes, but I always keep them in character to a degree.

Some of my new story ideas (one-shots, mostly, but some multi-chapter fics too) involve characterizations that are just definitely NOT them. So I’ll be posting over there soon.

I’d appreciate feedback when I start! Thanks!

Here’s the link: Getting Dead

My screen name over on Fiction Press is different, by the way, than my one on FanFiction.Net. It’s: Getting Dead.

Teaser for How To Hear, Ch.2

I took the top off as Renee tried on one she’d picked out. She twisted from side to side as she took in the billowy white fabric. I laughed.

Renee turned to me with a worried look. “What? Do I look stupid? I knew it – I think this is the wrong size.”

I shook my head, biting my lip to stop my smile. “No mom that’s not it. I just find it ironic that you’re the one trying on the loose stuff, whereas you only picked out tight things for me.”

“Well, you said Edward likes seeing the baby bump right? Think of it as for him.” She sighed happily. “Men are so easily kept pleased. Like with Phil. If we ever get into an argument, a little sex should fix the job and – ”

“Mom,” I said, utterly mortified. “I don’t want to hear about you and Phil and…stuff.”

“What?” she asked innocently. “We’re both girls.”

“Yeah but I’ve never liked discussing sex lives. I mean…it’s personal. Intimate.”

“Really?” Renee flashed me a sly grin and I immediately knew she was picking up more than she should. “He’s that kind of lover is he? Deep and caring? I always wondered. He was such a…different boy, hard to figure out. I guessed he would be though.”

“Mom,” I said deadpan. I slapped my forehead hard. “Did you honestly just admit to me that you used to wonder what my best friend and husband was like during…in…in bed?” My face was beet red, whether from embarrassment or annoyance I wasn’t sure.

She shrugged. “It’s natural to wonder how your daughter is being treated behind closed doors. All those times he snuck over.” She’d revealed to me a long time ago that she mostly always knew when he crawled through my window.

Upcoming Projects at the Moment

List of Projects:

-Jacob’s POV of Bella in New Moon (requested by truehazel)

-Edward’s POV in New Moon (requested by SpiderMonkey19)

– After Bella’s turned, a new vampire takes an interest in her. Chaos ensues, and it’s going to be epic (requested by Shadowman55)

– Bella, the almost legal foster kid, gets adopted by Dr. Carlisle Cullen and finds herself becoming more attached to her foster brother Edward than “sibling’s” should (requested by Mystified Ice)

– More elaborate stories for my ‘Death Wish’ suggestions (requested by Bloodapple123)

– Follow up lemon to my story ‘Help’ (requested by Elizabeth Bennet Cullen)

– Edward’s a single doctor, Bella’s a clumsy patient who always finds herself back in the hospital. They fall in love (requested by BrittneyLOVESTwilight)

– Charlie’s POV of when Edward comes back after New Moon (requested by Kinpaginpa)

– Pg. 498 of New Moon when Charlie sees Edward again for the first time since he left. EPOV (requested by xbrokenxheart)

– Edward’s POV of A World Without Sound (Severely pending)

Falling Stars, my continuation of the Twilight series. The fifth installment.

I Suppose This Is Disappointing

Hello all! As I just started this idea of making my own page (well, obviously not from scratch) for my fan fiction there’s really not much to say at the moment.

I guess all I can tell you is the intent, and what you should expect in more riveting posts than this one.

If there’s a pretty long delay between updated chapter stories, I am going to try to start putting teasers here. Not only will that be (hopefully) pleasing for you guys, but it will also force me to get on my lazy, proscratinating duff and start writing.

Also, if anyone has any questions (about my stories, obviously, since I doubt you want to hear about me) I might do periodic FAQs.

And also, upcoming projects, ideas, whatever, if I find it prudent.

As it stands, I’m also starting a Twilight fan fiction podcast with two other authors on FF.Net; moon.witche and DQRC, or Raille on (where some of my stories have topics made for them in the forum section, if anybody wants to chat with others.)

Twilighted is a pretty cool place anyway, so check it out. Remember, your account for Twilighted and your account for their forums are separate, even though you can have the same username and password. You’ll end having two accounts there all together.

Okay, all links on the side! Thanks!